Minnesota and the 52nd Super Bowl began to get married, going back to January 2014, when the media was the first to disclose the willingness of the Vikings and Minneapolis to bid for the Super Bowl to be held in February 2018. After more than two months of Madden Coins careful planning, on April 1, 2014, the Minneapolis Vikings official website announced that the Minnesota Super Bowl bid committee formally submitted its bid to the league, which marks the Minnesota home to host the Super Bowl, The dream of participating in Super Bowl, began to formally put into action.

According to the 150-page bid announcement, Minneapolis made the following commitment to the NFL Consortium composed of 32 employers: 1. Providing more than 180 hotels with 19,000 rooms to host the influx of fans ; 2, 48 venues for use in the Greater Minneapolis area (including Minneapolis and the surrounding Bloomington, St. Paul) for any possible celebrations during the Super Bowl Week; 3, Provide full details of the training venue; 4, one that is Minnesota governor Mark Dayton signed a letter of support, and with Republican and Democratic legislative leaders endorsement.

The first three points are indispensable as a commitment on hardware, but do not underestimate this last one, allowing a donkey who fights like a bipartisan to endorse endorsement with little difficulty, as early as Chicago's bid for the Olympics Partisan politicians have taken the lead in protesting against the backdrop of infrastructure construction, education funding and welfare for the bid to host the Olympics and have initiated protests, making them a major defeat in the eventual defeat of Chicago to the city of Olympics in Tokyo.