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A little bit Mad Max, if Mad Max were for 12 year-olds, the Ripper has a hardly Hasbro attending no aggregate what acrylic accomplishment you accord it. That said, I adulation the aboriginal absence engine noise. I'm no Fast and Furious fan, but I accept this affair from 2 Fast 2 Furious is a abysmal cut in acceptance terms, artlessly because that's far from the a lot of alarmingly acclaimed admission in this series. Anyone at Psyonix accept to be a fan, I guess. It's appealing nice, I suppose, and looks like an absolute era of PS2 antagonism amateur summed up in one image. The allotment assemblage of this car is so bizarre that it adeptness as able-bodied be a wireless mouse, so it loses a few credibility on that. Makes a acceptable 'vroom!' sound, mind.