Sunday night local time in the United States, Tennessee Titan coach Mike - Malaki confirmed to the media, the team running Weidrick - Henry Division playoffs this Saturday, Titan team against the New England Patriots game, Continue to start the team as the identity of running back .

Although Malachi currently does not intend to
LOLGA veteran DeMarcus Murray veto the weekend's list, however, even if Murray can have a chance, his participation in the attack will be limited in number. December 24 last year, Titan team lost to the Los Angeles Rams at the last minute of the game, Murray suffered a knee injury. Although he himself said "feels good" after the race, he has so far not been able to attend a team game or even a training session.

Malachi said: "The team's medical staff are daily observations of Murray's recovery." There is news that Murray's injury to the medial collateral ligament tear three times. In the past week, Murray had a simple walk on a treadmill during the Titan training.