When you have a child, who is minor and you decide him to travel outside the country without other parent, you must completely prepare the travel consent. Itis required by immigration laws of the United States. United States government can give you serious problem if you send mistakenly your child without both parents with not having letter of consent to travel. The rule is simple. The child is responsibility of both parents. Even if one parent is traveling, it means that half of the consent is assumed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. You can’t argue with legal authorities that it happened by mistake. You may do this; however, it may not get you completely off from the negligence that you just have committed. Therefore, it is imperative that you must understand that what is travel consent and how it works.

If one parent is deceased and other parent is alive, it is not required to have transits consent. However, if one parent is not travelling with the child, it becomes mandatory to have letter of consent to travel during the departure of the child from the United States. Similarly, if both parents are not alive, transits of a child without guardians does require letter of consent to travel. In case, there are more than one guardian, all need to travel with the minor or letter of consent to travel must be accompanied with the child who is traveling outside the United States.

It is imperative to note that complete citizenship documentation is required for a child to leave the country, regardless either parents or guardians are traveling or not. Almost similar rules are required by other developed countries as well. If you are not from that country, you must confirm the requirements of your own country before deciding the departure of your minor child outside the country. Minor is considered till the age of 18 and you can check transits blog to know more information. However, you may confirm the age of a child that is required for minor child to have travel consent if you are not from that country.

In transit blog, requirements of documents with immigration documentation for the children who travel outside the United States are different from case to case.

In case, both parents of a child are alive and child is traveling with one parent, it is required to have travel consent from non-traveling parent. After having the letter of consent to travel from non-traveling parent, half consent is assumed and the half consent is presumed since one parent is traveling with the child. If both parents are not traveling, each parent has to provide consent form separately.

In case, one parent is deceased and other is alive. The parent who is alive needs to have death certificate of deceased parent only when taking a child outside the United States.

According to transitsblog, in case all guardians are traveling with minor and both parents are deceased or a child has guardians for certain judicial or other reasons, certificate of guardianship is required and letter of consent to travel is not required.