Gmail is a common name in the current world where we come across this service in our day to day operations. Doubtless, this service has become a necessity of our daily lives but how can we get use it effectively. As we know when it has become a daily process to use it users can find many issues while operating it like Gmail not working, password not changing or etc Gmail fixed, Gmail get stopped and some others. The most common issue is to change the Gmail password or the recovery of it. Recovering of the Gmail account is possible but the situation when most users get confused is the Google Account Recovery without phone number & email. How to deal with this situation. In this article we will see the detailed Gmail password recovery procedure without phone number & email. Let us see that how to recover Gmail password without phone number & email:

Forgetting the Gmail password makes the situation stressful. But there is nothing to panic as there are so many modes of account recovery. Let us see the recovery without phone number & email. Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:
  1. Firstly you have to go to the Google account recovery page.
  2. After getting to the page type your email address.
  3. Then you will get to see the next button. Tap it.
  4. Now in Fourth step you have to enter your last password.
  5. In this step you have to click on try another way and wait till you get to see the security questions in front of you.
  6. After completion of the fifth step you have to answer all these questions correctly. These are the basic questions like your Google account recovery date of birth and other related information which you were given at the time of your account creation.
  7. If you answer these questions correctly you will be redirected to the new page
  8. Now finally you can fill your new password and your account gets recovered.
As we have discussed the detailed procedure of Google Account Recovery in this article. In case if you have further doubts & queries regarding the Google account then you can also contact the customer service team.