So when I heard the hottest mustwear trend combines those two worlds, I wanted in, stat. This trend is all about at leisure. It's the cross roads of fashion meeting fitness. It's reaching a fever pitch now and not going anywhere fast. Reporter: How heard it right, athleisure, designer and leisure.

Ask a schoolgoing youngster what is keds? And he will stare at you with a blank face. Go a step further and ask him what is a sneaker? And pat shall come the reply, "Oh! Those trendy and funky shoes that are worn by Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, David Beckham, Michael Jordan", and the list will go Valentino Outlet on. Adding to the list of celebrities he would top it further with the names of top international brands that manufacture and market these shoes like Adidas, Reebok, Nike and Puma.

If you are completely new to the field, consider taking a photography course at an art school, or you can even pursue a degree in the field. Not only will these help you learn the necessary techniques, you'll also make valuable connections. Commercial photography may be more about who you know rather than what you know. Make and maintain as many connections as possible.

To ensure the correct fit, take your children to a store that specializes in children shoes. There, knowledgeable staff will measure both feet to determine the best size. Then, have your child give the shoes a test run or walk around the store. Be sure they wearing the same socks they wear when you hit the trails. It may serve you best to shop toward the end of the day, when feet are at their largest.

Reebok has headquarters in Avon, Mass., where a rapidly growing work forcewhich has risen tenfold to 750 in two yearschurns out designs and marketing plans for an array of products. Realizing the need to broaden its base, the company recently raised its advertising budget and entered new segments of the market. It also has opened a Valentino Los Angeles office to keep closer tabs on West Coast trends.

"A bold Valentino Sale eye or a bold lip is the perfect accessory for the fall," said Harrington. "Pick a feature to define: bright, bold colors like berry tones, plums and reds are perfect for lips and deep shades such as indigo, onyx and charcoal will make the eyes really stand out are some other makeup tips to consider for transition into our next season."