Penang is a city that deserves far more time than one day. A few days in Penang is enough to fall in love with Malaysia. With only one day to burn, one needs to get a bit of the culture in and Kek Lok Si Temple is absolutely worth a visit. This Chinese Temple is on the outskirts of town, and the best way to visit it would be using the public transport of Malaysia.

The buses here are cheap and well kidnapped and economical. This temple is famous for its Ten Thousand Buddhas, which are lovingly placed throughout the grounds. The temple has a great feel and is huge. Checking for online bus tickets is highly recommendable.

Now who doesn’t love a happy turtle? Literally hundreds live alongside the monks of Kek Lok Si. All the visitors adore ever the peaceful creatures, this turtle community and they’re a wonderful sight as you step into the grounds.

Ready for some Adventure?

The few hours spent at Escape Adventure land Penang are likely to rank as some of the most thrilling and emotionally-charged moments of your life. After all, hurtling speedily through the open air, dozens of feet off the ground, is pretty memorable. A park specializing in zip-lining (or, as Australians call it, flying foxes), there are other fun activities here including a free fall from a 20m jump platform, an inner-tube slide and tree rope swing.

All of us have been to the best of museums. But have you ever come across an interactive museum? I don't think so...The Made in Penang Interactive Museum really helps shake off pre-existing ideas of boring, outdated museums, instead offering visitors a fun, exciting way to view artwork with exhibits that have clever 3D imagery features. For example, a portrait of the Penang Snake Temple, with a large 3D snake slithering out from the framework.

Penang (and Malaysia on the whole) has the most sensational Indian food. Authentic Tandoor ovens, steaming hot masala chai and mouth-watering rich curries finished off my one day in Penang perfectly.

Queen Victorial Memorial: The Queen Victoria Memorial Tower is a significant landmark in Penang. A local millionaire commissioned it in the year 1897. Based on this landmark there are several roads named after this historic marvel which is set on King Edwards plac in George Town. However, the place today is hardly noticeable due to the impact it received after World War II. The Tower was built at a cost of about 35000 straits dollars and has a beautiful dome on its top. There are 6 steps which lead to the entrance which denote the number of decades of Queen Victoria’s rule.

Kapitan Keling Mosque in Penang: the first Indian Muslim settlers built this beautiful landmark in the year 1801. It is considered to be one of the largest mosques in George Town and looks marvelous during sunset. It was named after a leader of a South Indian community.