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In section 1, we mainly discussed the effect of Healing and Mana potions on different classes. Today,
let's go on to talk about Potion Fill Rate, the time it takes to fill, and the character's maximum.
Then we can get the most out of the potions,
even regenerate our life.

More Points Don't Necessarily Mean a Higher Potion Fill Rate

In general, a potion filling more points has a higher Potion Fill Rate since the time it takes to
drink this potion is almost the same as others. Players usually spend 5.12
seconds drinking a mana potion and less than 8
seconds drinking most of the healing potions, except the Super
Healing Potion
. So when players select a potion from mana potions or healing potions, they only need to consider the
number of points it can give you. We can use the below cases to explain.

When Barbarian drinks a Minor Healing Potion, 60 points will
fill in 7.68 seconds. So the average Potion Fill Rate is 7.8125/s.
When Barbarian drinks a Super Healing
Potion, 640 points will fill in 10.24 seconds. So this time, the average Potion
Fill Rate is 62.5/s.

But when players drink two potions at a
time, the standard that a potion with more points also gets a higher Potion
Fill Rate may not be suitable. In the above cases, although the two potions have 700
points in total (60 + 640 = 700), we should not
ignore the total time of 17.92(7.68 + 10.24 = 17.92) seconds. So the average
Potion Fill Rate is 39.06/s. It's less than drinking a Super Healing Potion(39.06/s
< 62.5/s).

So when drinking potions, players also need
to consider the amount of time they would take. Even if players are in emergencies, they should not
blindly fill points and ignore the average Potion Fill Rate, as drinking one potion can sometimes be more useful than two.

The Character's Maximum Must Be Considered
When people eat something, they may only be able to eat half of it
because that's the amount they can feel full. If you continue with the rest, it
can only result in overeating. Likewise, players also need to consider their maximum when they drink potions. Otherwise, the
potions can only be wasted.

If players
are taking a lot of damage, they might need to drink four or five potions to maintain
their health. But when they reached their
maximum, they could not increase points more than that. For example, the mana
maximum of Sorceress is 700. After losing some
mana, she begins to drink some potions at 200
points, and the total points these potions can give her are 580, but she can only use
500 since Sorceress has reached her maximum 700 (200 + 500 = 700).

This is what MmoGah shares about one of the important Diablo 2 Items - potions. We can see that using potions needs players to measure
and calculate. It's not an easy thing. So next time, we
will continue the series. After all, if we
want a good experience, we should not blindly do it. We should calculate everything. If you are interested, stay tuned.