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Diablo 2 Resurrected will launch this month. As its history - Diablo 2 is glorious, players may get interested in everything about it. Today let's talk about potions as they are important
in this game. And we have already known that potions
have not changed except the color of them. So we can
basically know what they will be in Resurrected just from Diablo 2.
Potions have a lot of
uses. They can help players deal with emergencies and
against tougher monsters. In addition to basic reparative potions, some potions
can be used as soldiers' weapons in battle. For example, when you throw them, they are
like a grenade, which can trigger large damage. So
these are called throwing potions. And the potions which we drink are called
drinking potions. Among them, healing potions and mana potions are the most
commonly used ones.

Effects of Healing and Mana Potions on
Different Classes

Depending on their classes, players may get different points with
their characters after drinking the same potion.
For example, they all drank
a minor healing potion, but only Barbarian can
get 60 points, as others get 45 or 30. We use
three colors to display the differences. The red
one shows the maximum points; the yellow color shows the middle points, and the blue color shows the minimum points either healing potions or mana potions can give. See these clearly
in the pictures below:
Healing Potions
1. Healing
potions have the largest point effect on Barbarian.
We use red color to show this.
Amazon, Paladin, and Assassin can gain fewer
points than Barbarian would do. For example, they can only
get 90 points using a light healing potion, but Barbarian can get 120. We can see these values in the yellow frames.
3. The
points in the blue frames are the fewest. So when players choose
a class in Necromancer, Sorceress, or Druid, drinking healing potions, their
healing speed will be the slowest among the seven classes.
Mana Potions
potions are the opposite. Barbarian gets the
minimum points, but Necromancer, Sorceress, and Druid can have the maximum

This is
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