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As we know, Diablo 2 Resurrected will launch on September 23. And a lot of
veterans of Diablo 2 will come back. But they may forget something about Diablo
2 because they are not playing for almost 10 to 15 years. These players may need
a reminder to recall their memory, and some new
players are also interested in this new game's knowledge. So in this
background, let's talk
about when you can reset your skills.

When You Have Completed the Den of Evil Quest

At the Den of Evil quest of Act 1, Akara
asks players to kill all the monsters inside the Den. And when players have
completed the quest, they will be given the option to get Respec and reset
their skills. Respec is slang for Rspecialisation and a feature of Diablo 2,
which allows people to partially or completely reallocate the points that they
have spent on skills, including talents, attributes, feats, or other character

Players have up to three chances to reset
all skills and attribute points because this game has three difficulties, and per
difficulty has Den of Evil Quest in Act 1. So as long as players start a new
difficulty, they can have this chance.

About Difficulties and Acts

There are three levels of difficulty – Normal difficulty, Nightmare
difficulty, and Hell difficulty. Players need to
grow up in power if they hope to join a game on harder difficulties. And they need
more Hits and more powerful d2 items to defeat monsters as their
difficulty gets higher. This is especially obvious in Hell difficulty because players
will need at least +120% effects to hit than in Normal
difficulty they would do.

Acts are like outposts in per difficulty. There are five Acts, and each Act has a final boss. For example,
the fifth Act has the final boss Baal.

In a word, players need to defeat five bosses until Baal is
beaten. Then they can begin a new difficulty.

When You Have Crafted Token of Absolution

Token of Absolution is a special one in Diablo 2 items. When players use it, they can get
the character's stats and skill points reset. Players need to collect four
essences dropped by Acts bosses in Hell difficulty.
But the probability of ingredients dropped is fairly low. Therefore players may
have to attempt many times to gather them all.
As long as they get enough Token of Absolution, they can reset skills as they
want. Nevertheless, it's not as easy as we thought.

Four Essences

1. Twisted Essence of Suffering: Players may get it from Act 1 or Act 2 by drops
of Act bosses.
2. Charged Essence of Hatred: Players
may get it when Mephisto drops it in Act 3.
3. Burning Essence of Terror: When players defeat Diablo in Act 4,
they may get it.
4. Festering Essence of Destruction: It is also a random chance to
get it when players hit Baal in Act 5.

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