Bus from Chinatown to Botanic Gardens


A blend of ancient and modern cultures is what Chinatown represents in Singapore.

The moment you reach Chinatown you feel you are in mini China. Completely cramped with hundreds of stores in the small lanes street hawkers keep shouting cheap prices of their products to grab your attention. Chinatown however, does not stand true to Singapore’s costly tag and if you are one of those who can effectively bargain you surely will get your hands on to a couple of things at cheap rates. The stores across the lane are never ending and it will not be exaggerating to say that it might take just 3 to 4 days to explore the entire Chinatown.

Chinatown is not just about shopping. It caters to the foodies too. You should definitely try out “Char kway teow” (stir fried noodles). If you are one of those who do not like eating from stalls Chinatown has a lot of chic restaurants that offer fine dining experiences. The vibes here are quite energetic and you will hardly see exhaustion on the faces of hawkers or the shoppers here. If you are looking forward to pick up some gifts or take aways things for friends and family buy the famous Bak Kwa. If you thought Chinatown is all about Chinese culture, you are sadly mistaken. This is a place where Hindu temples and mosques are located right beside the Chinese Temples. This is a representation of different cultures living together in harmony and peace and the best part of Chinatown is that there is free wifi throughout the street allowing you to do some real time shopping for friends and family back home.

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You can reach Chinatown by hopping into a bus that ends at Eu Tong Sen Street (People’s Park),

New Bridge Road, South Bridge Road or Maxwell Road.

Botanic Gardens

Considered to be one of the oldest gardens in Singapore, the Botanic Gardens is the right place for you if you are a plant lover. It can be truly said that Singapore is a city that lies within a garden. It is the first UNESCO World heritage site and appears in the same list as the Great Wall of China. It is widely believed that this Botanic Garden was established in 1859. About 60 acres of land was used to transform it into a beautiful garden that you see today. SBS Transit Bus No. 7, 105, 123, 174, 174E are some of the buses that will take you right to the Botanic Gardens of Singapore. Alternatively, you can choose to travel with the SMRT Bus Operator vide bus no. 75, 77, 106.

This is a huge place and has a completely relaxing atmosphere. Do not forget to carry your walking shoes, some water, a cap or a hat, wear comfortable clothes as all these things are a must. Flowers here are a treat to your eyes. Drinking water can be refilled with water fountains that you come across. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this place and I assure you that you too will....