Where to dance at the top of the mountains in Fortnite? Every location you need to know.

Fortnite by Epic Games allows you to have some fun in a different location on the map. One way to enjoy the game without any challenge or match is to perform the dance number on the peaks of the mountains like Mount H7, F8, and Kay.

In the Fortnite Challenge Cameo vs. Chic, there are two ways to reach these locations one is by walking, and another is by landing directly there. Still, it would help if you know the location first to reach here. You will prefer the second option to reach these locations, where you don’t have to travel and spend a lot of time in the game to reach here (because there are chances that these peaks will be out of the safe zone in a short period). Once you have arrived on the zenith, “Do not forget to launch the Emote” before you head to another zenith.

Location of Zenith of Mounts H7, F8, and Kay

These zeniths can be found in the mountain range stretches from the South to the north of the map. These mentioned peaks are the highest in the game. So if you have the weapon covering a broad range, then you will be able to kill many enemies from up here in the match.

If you wish to follow the maps, then you are going to notice that the coordinates of these zeniths are not mentioned with the original name on the map, but these are indicated with the short forms as follows
  1. Mount F8 signified by F8
  2. Mount H7 signified by H7
  3. Mount Kay signified by G7
Location of Mount H7

This zenith is situated at South- East from the Central Island. If you are at the Retail Row, Then you have to head in the south direction, and you will see this peak right in front of you. So you have to walk a complete one side of the mountain to reach here. When you reach here, you are going to notice that the other side of the hill too steep.

Location of Mount Kay

Once you are at Mount H7, then keep following the smaller peaks of the mountains in the south direction. Try not to go to the other side of the mountain range (because that can be harmful to your avatar). This zenith can be intimidating because of its location and the view it provides.

Location of Mount F8

This zenith is not attached to the mountain range, which connects the other two zeniths, but this stands alone on the single mountain. It is you can see this one situated between a single mountain (on the South of Central Island) and the mountain range containing the other two peaks.

These peaks give you an extraordinary view of the topography of the map. You can come here to perform the dance and chill around. If you reach here in the very early of the Battle Royale game, then you can hurt your enemy from a long-range weapon or know the location of the enemy, which helps you a lot in the game.

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