Billions of things have changed since the 20th century. Today, you don’t just hear about, but can also experience technological advancements in the form of Internet of Things (IoT), business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning up close. The journey has not been without hiccups, but we have ultimately reached a point where these concepts and technologies have become more practical and efficient.

The question now is whether to embrace and welcome this change or stick to your old ways of doing business. The former definitely sounds scary but the latter can hinder growth and productivity. Tableau consulting in the US can help you move out of the old times and into the new century where everything is more efficient and you have more directions to move in.

Remembering Excel

There was a time when the ability to use Excel was a valuable skill. And while the worth has not faded entirely, there has been a significant decrease in its use after the market began to provide business and individual consumers with more sophisticated and capable solutions. The ability to calculate, organize, interpret, and somewhat visually define numbers and data has always been exciting and a dire need when it came to pushing the business towards success. However, modern times have brought about the need to generate more answers which cannot be ignored any longer.

Although Excel has expanded from 64,000 to a million rows in order to cater to the business and analytical needs of growing organizations, users have come to realize that even a million rows are not enough. Excel beautifully and, not to mention, effortlessly allows ledger work and financial analyses, however, it is not the appropriate tool to ask questions from the data. Another thing that makes us realize that Excel is indeed built for limited work is when we run out of space and memory - refreshing an extensive spreadsheet sometimes takes up to 20 minutes, adding a row takes a whole minute at times, and so on.

Tableau is a much better solution and if you haven’t heard of it yet, you can always go for Tableau consulting in the US which will help ease you in more smoothly. However, before you do, read a little further to get to know Tableau and why you should use it.

Tableau Software

Tableau is a ‘business intelligence’ (BI) software. Just from that, you already know that you have stepped into the next century. It is what Gartner, a prestigious IT technology organization, describes as a BI platform with direct data connectors and data mashup capabilities. It was created for one purpose and that was to help people understand data and make decisions based on the insights you get from it.

Data technology has always been considered a valuable asset, hence soaring prices are not a surprise. However, Tableau was created with the mission to “put power in the hands of everyday people.” It is an enterprise BI software that can help you engage with data, ask questions, find solutions to problems, and create value. Big corporate names around the world use Tableau to engage with data and understand their consumers, their needs, and several other aspects of the market that help cater to them more effectively.

Varieties and Wonders of Tableau

Tableau has a range of products catering to four different demographics.
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Public
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Online

Each product provides a wide range of features including self-service BI, data and dashboard sharing across the enterprise, and drag-and-drop analytics. Tableau Online is hosted in the cloud, therefore, there is no server or hardware to maintain. The ability to access your analytics platform through a browser or mobile application makes Tableau more accessible and easy to use. Making customers champions at their jobs is their motto. The recently launched enhanced data connectivity solutions also give Tableau an edge over others in the industry. Click on the following link and go through our Tableau consulting videos so that you can get a better idea:
If you haven’t wrapped your mind around business intelligence yet, Tableau consulting is the way forward for you! It is definitely not a decision you will regret.

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