CS: GO Players Agree Jumping Crouch Glitch Gentleman’s Contract at PGL Major
The phone call of Duty community aren’t the only ones who’ve suffered with an in-game glitch allowing players to see but not be seen.
German CS: GO team BIG have had the fingers pointed at them with regard to abusing an in-game auto technician that has only came to lighting during the EU Minor tournament in June 2017.
In case a player jumps in the air flow behind a wall, as well as whilst jumping crouches mid-air, they’re able to peek over the top of the object, but will not be seen from the other finish. The Call of Duty esports community recently struggled using the same problem when ‘snaking’ was identified and eventually patched on Infinite Warfare.CSGO Ak47 Skins The actual FaZe team naturally feel a little hard done http://www.csgo4skin.com