Under the careful research and development and the market demands, the Ultrafine Mill is very advanced. However, people are requiring more and more, which is one of the most important driving motivations for the fast development of dryer machine. Since the three-cylinder dryer machine is still in a baby stage, the excellent application of high tech needs the efforts of everyone in the drying equipment manufacturing industry. Of course, without the technical support from other relevant industries, the dryer machine will not develop so fast.

While installing the coal slag dryer machine, if the installation site is not cleaned according to the requirement or it does not reach the standard, the vibration will be strengthened. During the daily installation and examination process, the workers should pay special attention to these problems.

As for the development of the dryer machine industry, the scientific and technical research and development is as important as the industrial development. In order to prevent the dryer machines produced by the developed countries from taking up the whole domestic dryer machine market, the domestic dryer machine manufacturing companies should intensify the research and development efforts and pay attention to the requirements and demands of the customers.