Hearthstone: Global Games
The Hearthstone Global Games tournament enters week ten of play today and every team has been fighting hard to claim the top spot in the group stage. Group G’s round five match concluded yesterday for US viewers, but those of you in Europe can catch all the action today at 03: 00 CEST. Ukraine are off to the best start in Group H with 14 total wins and only seven losses, however , it’s a long road ahead for the pros and every team will be fighting hard to secure the $300, 000 prize pool.
  Hearthstone: DreamHack Grand Prix
The Hearthstone Grand Prix takes place this weekend and will feature a major open Swiss tournament for everyone willing to compete. However , only the best 16 players will advance to the playoffs, where they will duke it out in the single-elimination bracket. With 200 competitors taking part, gamers will need to have their wits about them if they wish to take home the $25, 000 prize pool. Meanwhile, special prizes and a $1, 500 reward pool are at stake for players who don’t make it through the tense Swiss stages of the main tournament.
Heroes of the Storm: Mid-Season Brawl
Heroes of the Storm’s Mid-Season Brawl will see teams from around the world battle it out for the championship title and the $100, 000 prize pool. Sweden will once again play host to the top 12 Characters Global Championship teams, with a stage dedicated to the competition. The Phoenix Bracket starts tomorrow and the team that advances to the Grand Finals from the upper bracket will be granted a one game advantage. EStar Gaming are currently the North American favourites after they took first place with only one two defeats. Meanwhile, MVP Black followed in similar footsteps after they dominated the European scene, securing nine wins and only one loss.
Rocket League: DreamHack Championship
  DreamHack will be hosting the Explode League Championship tournament this weekend where players can take to the pitch and battle it out with the pros. Fans of Rocket League will get a chance to see who has what it takes to bring home the trophy and the $50, 000 winning prize pool. All matches is going to be played in a standard 3v3 and players can expect to see notable appearances from Mockit eSports, Flipsid3 Tactics, Gale Force eSports and Rogue. The round one matches begin tomorrow.