Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a brand new road
Valve has just announced a brand new inclusion to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's place line-up. Dubbed 'Canals', the map is based on an "historic Italian city" and is based on "real-world environments". The actual map's existence first came to lighting last year when players found recommendations to "canals" in the game files. Right now, it's finally here.
"The CT side is composed of a large, wide open region while the T-controlled territory forms the crescent of smaller spaces about it and provides multiple approaches to every bomb site. "
The explanation continues: "While the map is founded on a real-world location, the appearance are intentionally clean and clean for good player visibility. In addition , most of the environmental models are built in a do it yourself fashion so they can be easily re-used through community map makers. CSGO Skins "The up-date will also usher in a visual update to the Phoenix Terrorist player product, with the aim of "preserving character possibility of being read easily and improving overall visual fidelity".