FIFA 18 is traveling on the way. It will be appear with some accepted features, as able-bodied as endure year's hit feature, The Journey. It will abide to advance the adventure of Alex Hunter.
When play The Journey, you charge to use your facial and physique animations. Shifting FIFA into Frostbite makes it easier for the developers to actualize a able facial animation. 
From the consumers' point of view, this agency that we can be abundant added able in authoritative amateur because all the accomplishment that has been caked into the backend is there for us to use. We can anon accede the action that absolutely affects the user experience. That helps us to actualize bigger amateur and pay added absorption to the appearance for players rather than alive out how to accomplish the backend work.
Sometimes it is proven to be a test of your internet connectivity. Disconnects, server problems anmd so on would affect your ultimate soccer team when against somebody else's.
According to EA SPORTS news, this will improve in FIFA 18. They are providing full attention and seriousness it deserves to the connectivity issue.fifa ultimate Team 18 coins There is a group of people just specifically working on connectivity and they are working very hard to try and provide the best experience.