The Oscar-nominated star Christian Bale might make an appearance in Thor 4 which is going to begin its development in the summers of this year. He is not a newbie in playing the comic characters as he is known for his role as the caped crusader in the Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. He appeared as Batman in three live-action movies. He has also appeared as the main actor in several popular films including the Terminator Salvation. Christian Bale is the actor who generally stays away from the films that have a massive budget but weak storyline. He has loved to play roles in director-driven movies be it The Big Short, American Hustle and Vice.

That choice has made him one of the most repetitive actors of all time, but now it seems he will join the Thor 4 cast soon. Thor movies always require a pretty huge budget as they contain too many VFX and CGI shots which require a lot of time and money to accomplish. When Bale ended his career with the Christopher Nolan’s Batman project, Avengers from MCU released and it made the Marvel studio so popular among superhero fans. The Avenger movie broke the box office record at the time, and it made a new impression even among the general audience.

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