If you use CBD to treat chronic pain, it is probably best to ingest between 2.5 and 20 mg for a month. But in the case that you use it for diseases such as epilepsy, it probably goes up to 200 or 300 mg a day.

In any case, keep in mind that your body is the best signal. If you are ingesting many milligrams of CBD oil new Zealand, your body will let you know. As you will feel uncomfortable or excessively relaxed and out of focus.

Positive effects of CBD on your body

No one doubts that Cannabis Oil New Zealand can be widely beneficial for your health. It is common that one of the first symptoms of CBD after ingesting it is precisely the decrease in nausea, if any. Cannabinoids such as CBD oil for sale NZ have anti-nausea properties, which is one of the most common symptoms among chemotherapy patients. CBD effectiveness applies in many cases and circumstances.

Skin problems

Studies have shown that skin care products containing CBD oil may help fight skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. Face moisturizers containing CBD successfully combat oily skin and acne. However, experts warn that a high concentration of CBD oil can affect its effectiveness. This is why further studies are needed to finally understand why CBD can cause skin-related complaints.

Stress, anxiety, PTSD and insomnia

CBD oil is generally believed to help you get a more restful sleep. Research has shown that CBD interacts with the receptors serotonin - which plays an important role in moods and anxieties. So far, most of the evidence supporting the effects of CBD has been based on animal studies. Although many more human studies are needed, some results suggest that CBD could have positive effects on anxiety disorders. Other studies have looked at CBD's antidepressant effects, as studies demonstrate by tracking the symptoms of people with PTSD - post-traumatic stress disorder.

Pain therapy

Many patents report the positive effects of CBD oil in combating chronic pain. Overall, the scientific community has indicated that more extensive research is needed to fully understand the implications. Before you want to use CBD oil to treat pain, you should urgently consult a doctor.

Studies have shown that CBD may help arthritis patients effectively treat their pain. According to research, the participants showed a significant decrease in both inflammation and pain without additional side effects. CBD can obviously help reduce pain and inflammation.

The extract should also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Numerous studies have shown that CBD is connected to the endocannabinoid system in the body and helps to systematically reduce inflammation.

Does CBD work the same in all bodies?

Not in any way. For some, CBD will work very quickly; in other cases it will take much longer. Here influences genetics, the tolerance of your body, your health in general, among other things. If you are aware of that, your experience with CBD will be easier and calmer.