Business intelligence is the holy grail that is slowly becoming the main determinant of the success of enterprises. Businesses have identified the potential of the oceans of internal and external data and are now using them to make better decisions and to try and stay ahead in their respective industries. But managing the said oceans of data can be quite difficult. After all, it is called "big data," so you need some big solutions (tools / software) to obtain, store, and use it. Informatica, a renowned name in data integration solutions, offers such tools for enterprises. Having your workforce trained in the art of Informatics will definitely help you in the long run but it can be a time-consuming and expensive procedure. A great alternative is to get professional Informatica consulting from ExistBI in order to receive all the assistance and help you need with Informatica's data integration products.

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In this article, we will discuss how Informatica products can benefit your organization and why You should go for our professional consultancy. How Informatica Can Help Improve Your Business

Created to make data integration significantly easier so that managers can take advantage of big data, Informatica products are redefining ETL (ie extract, load, transform) processes. By enabling managers to keep data on their fingertips, these tools can save a lot of time by providing rapid insight for crucial business-related matters. This means better big data management resulting in stronger and seamless access to data, leading to better overall business operations. All in all, Informatica sounds like the best solution to your BI problems. However, there's an issue: a lack of professionals with command over Informatica tools. It makes sense to get your team trained if you want to think long-term. But, if you need instant help with the software, you are better off availing professional consulting services from ExistBI! Experienced Professionals - Ready to Provide Informatica Consulting!

We, at ExistBI, pride ourselves in being synonymous with BI assistance. Our commitment towards uniting business and technology is legendary! We provide both professional training and services related to numerous business intelligence platforms ranging from Tableau to SAP and beyond. But more than anything, we are known for providing top-notch assistance with Informatica products. From Big Data Management to Enterprise Data Catalog, our amazing consultants who boast years of experience working in different industries will give you the support and guidance you need to master BI. Our top-of-the-line consultancy includes everything you need to learn and more, so do not hesitate - make the right choice and select ExistBI! Watch this video of an Informatica consulting case study done for Acxiom to learn a little more about our services: Take-Home Message

Business intelligence is the future of all enterprises. But to truly take advantage of it, you must be able to manage data effectively and Informatica solutions can help you a lot in this regard. It is, hence, high time that you sought the amazing consulting services of ExistBI. We promise to take your business to the next level and leave your competition behind!
Our offices in the European Union, the US, Canada, and the UK excel at understanding your data needs and offering you expert consultation services. For more details, visit or give us a call - our experts would love to talk to you.