Like the IT sector, the manufacturing industry is very volatile on its own. Considering the demand-supply matrix, sourcing of materials, supply chain efficiency, and the continuously changing market dynamics, organizations need to be on top of their game. Most manufacturers do realize that having the right data at the right time can improve their manufacturing planning and operations. ExistBI has long been serving the different industrial sectors, providing tailored BI consulting and training solutions through Tableau classes and Tableau consulting to provide them with better analytics and to identify room for improvement.

A Manufacturer’s Perspective

With a growing demand for goods around the world and increased consumer spending, every manufacturer struggles to find the right balance. Although data is created at every point, it is often stored away in the back room, not to be referred to again. Most manufacturers even complain about the lack of data and modern or appropriate technology that could help them get on top of things. On the other hand, the resistance to change often pushes them to continue with their old ways of planning and carrying out operations.

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Tableau, being one of the most popular leaders in the world of business intelligence and data analytics, offers organizations a chance to utilize their data the way it is meant to be used. Heaps of data may not have been useful in the last century or so, but today, the more data you have, the better you are equipped to deal with any curveball the market throws at you. This is done through the use of business intelligence software that use ETL processes and data visualization techniques.

Tableau Consulting

Tableau, as one of the leading data visualization and analytics tools in the world of business intelligence, can help anyone understand data through its unique analytics and visualization capabilities. It can connect to any database and create stunning visuals. Tableau not only excels at the corporate strategic level, but also at the operational level where decisions are made in real time. In addition to its embedded data analytics function, the interactive Tableau platform also allows for data discovery and data governance. All of these processes run with a secure and compliant layer, reducing risk and offering flexibility to transmit and use data within the organization.

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ExistBI offers expert Tableau consulting services to clients, irrespective of their size or investment. No organization deserves to be held back when it comes to availing the benefits of business intelligence tools, which is why ExistBI employs some of the best, most certified and experienced Tableau professionals who understand different industries and their requirements. Providing a tool that can easily integrate with the dashboards of a manufacturing company and provide actionable insights to business users can greatly benefit the sector in planning accordingly and meeting the future demands.

Learning Tableau

ExistBI understands the needs of its corporate clients owing to the drastic changes in the environment. With Tableau classes, ExistBI aims to empower every individual and business to get familiarized with business intelligence tools and better adapt to their work environment. With state-of-the-art and licensed learning environments, along with vendor-created learning material, you have the opportunity to progress at your job by learning from the best. For more information on Tableau classes, click here:

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