The booming industry of business intelligence That is still seeking candidates have a forward-looking attitude and a goal to succeed in esta data-driven world. Without understanding business intelligence, neither you nor your business can develop the strength to compete in this fierce battle and stay ahead in the game. Opting for training from industry experts can steer you and your employees in the right direction, helping you succeed in the corporate world. ExistBI offers training in several aspects of business intelligence, using popular BI software. With MicroStrategy training or Informatica training (US) , for example, you can pave your way to success.

Understanding Data and Business Intelligence

As a market researcher, monthly sales, trends, and price are some key chunks of data you collect regularly. However, until you understand the relationship between each of the factors, it is unlikely that you will arrive at any meaningful conclusions. Similarly, without the right tools and techniques required, you may just end up collecting data and over-stuffing your data warehouse or cloud storage without truly realizing the benefits of the data. This is why you need business intelligence (BI).

BI offers the following:
  • It improves visibility.
  • It boosts the ability to understand current consumer trends.
  • It uses data to offer actionable insights.
  • It improves productivity and efficiency.
  • It helps you gain a competitive edge over rivals.
With more and more off-the-shelf BI software now available in the market, you need to be smart when choosing one that best suits your needs. ExistBI provides its prospective clients and trainees with complete information regarding business intelligence and its benefits. Moreover, we effectively convey the core purpose of business intelligence, which is providing individuals with the ability to make decisions in real time by effectively analyzing data and identifying opportunities. In addition, our licensed environment and certified training material provides our credibility and partnership with the masters of business intelligence.

Informatica Training (US)

Informatica is one of the leading cloud data management and analytics software that specializes in an array of business intelligence products and solutions. ExistBI, being a certified provider of Informatica training (US) , offers a wide training curriculum that includes:
  • PowerCenter Administration
  • PowerCenter Support
  • PowerExchange Basics
  • Master Data Management
  • Metadata Manager
  • Big Data Administration, Management, and Integration
  • Business Glossary
  • Data Quality
The training is meant for developers, business and IT administrators, business analysts, and students.

MicroStrategy Training

Because you will find no lack of opportunities in the job market if you are well-versed with various BI software, it will not hurt to opt for training for more than one. MicroStrategy is yet another BI software that offers data connectivity, data integration, mapping, enterprise reporting, enterprise mobility management, embedded analytics, along with Big Data connectivity and tools. Moreover, it offers customized dashboards and real-time telemetry options to empower business users with more than just seamless ETL functions. ExistBI's MicroStrategy training offers the following:
  • MicroStrategy Desktop Essentials
  • MicroStrategy Architect
  • Engine Essentials
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Advanced Project Designing
  • Data Warehousing

ExistBI has a history of offering certified and strategic business intelligence training and consultation services. We excel in providing a unique and rewarding training experience that allows trainees to understand real-life business challenges. Go through our YouTube channel, " ExistBI - Uniting Business and Technology, " for MicroStrategy training and Informatica training (US) videos. Here is the link: . Our offices in the European Union, US, UK, and Canada excel in understanding your data needs to offer you the appropriate training solutions.

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