Sometimes it gets extremely difficult to compete with the forces around you. If this is what you are experiencing and, being relatively new in the field of data handling and business intelligence, you are feeling that your investments are just going into a black hole, it may be time to hire data and business intelligence consultants. ExistBI is the leading trainer and consultant in business intelligence and data technology, with branches across the globe. With expert data warehouse consulting and vendor-authorized Informatica consulting, ExistBI can help you bounce back out of dilemmas and create pathways to new beginnings.

Investing in a New Project

No new investments promise returns in the near future, especially if your near future estimate is three to four months. Business intelligence and data projects can go on for months, even years without showing a hint of success, however, when they are completely operational, you will see the light. The market offers several off-the-shelf BI tools but without an experienced professional to assist you with the deployment, you will indeed feel that your plans are going downhill.

A BI project can take a lot of time. The most effective way to implement an organization-wide BI project is to deploy it in phases or stages. This helps identify errors before organization-wide implementation and correct them before it is too late. Starting with identifying and reporting organization-wide requirements, and organizing and creating mock-ups can be a great way to get your hands dirty.Once you have mapped out all the essential details, it is time to design the process by working backwards, set up business rules, the data required, and how the deliverables will be generated. The last step would be to prioritize, validate, and roll out the project department to department.

Data Warehouse Consulting

One of the most important parts of BI and data integration projects is setting up a data warehouse, considering the large amounts of data that needs to be managed. Without a data repository, it is unlikely that an organization will be able to keep its data secure and use it for effective decision-making when needed.

With ExistBI’s data warehouse consulting solutions, you can easily iron out the inefficiencies and delays when it comes to data discovery, extraction, and delivery. Consultations from experienced industry professionals can help you understand the need for a data warehouse in this data-driven world and how it can build the competence you require to succeed.

Informatica Consulting

If you have finally decided to shift towards data warehousing, it will also be a good idea to use business intelligence software to identify opportunities in the market. Informatica, as one of the leading data integration, visualization, and cloud storage software, can help you unleash the potential you have long been waiting to explore. ExistBI’s Informatica consulting services offer a warm and welcoming environment - you can have a chat with our certified and experienced BI consultants, explain your requirements and learn as we strategize and put forth a solution for you. Understanding BI is not everyone’s cup of tea, therefore, ExistBI aims to bridge the gap by providing tailored solutions that will allow factual decision-making in real time.

How ExistBI Can Help

ExistBI is the leading provider in business intelligence training and consultation services. Our specialists help clients with strategic data projects, BI project deployment, data visualization, and analytics that help them face modern-day challenges with more confidence and improve their competence. Here is our YouTube channel, “ExistBI - Uniting Business and Technology.” Sneak a peek at our videos for more information on data warehouse consulting and Informatica consulting. Here is the link:

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