FaZe Clan Evade Gambit In Narrow Triumph at StarSeries S3 CS: GO Finals
FaZe Clan transformed Gambit in their third match of the StarSeries S3 Finals.
Following a mixed start to the event, suffering an annoyed loss to HellRaisers before taking straight down Immortals on day two, FaZe Clan have managed to function their way into a strong position within the Swiss System, right now sitting at a 2-1 record.
It was not a clear-cut thing, however. Facing away on Cache, there have been certainly times at which Gambit looked like they could have taken the game, with FaZe making a number of errors that led to a closer video game than might otherwise have been.
Fortunately, the newest addition to the FaZe Clan, Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač, was once more in world-class form. A critical and almost inconceivable 1v3 from the Bosnian super-star turned the tide within the first half, changing the economic rankings of the two teams dramatically and allowing his team to take a lead in to the second half.
In spite of a strong effort in order to counter FaZe’s star from Dauren ‘AdreN’ Kystaubayev, in the end it had been NiKo and FaZe who came out on the top, taking the map 16-13. All is not however lost for Gambit, however , who right now sit a 1-2. The team may have no more room with regard to error if they are to create it to the play-offs.