For one of the final pieces of our protection from DreamHack Open up Winter we normally talked to the tournament's Most Valuable Player, Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev.

Natus Vincere grabbed their first title along with Denis "electronic"Sharipov following a turbulent tournament, although the grand final was obviously a fairly one-sided event, with the Russian-Ukrainian team grabbing Cobblestone 16-4 before locking straight down Inferno 16-11 following a great Terrorist part.

We talked to Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev after the grand final to get his ideas on his team's win, his amazing overall performance throughout the event, along with plans for the next month, which the team will spend preparing for the actual ELEAGUE Major's Main Qualifier:

Let's enter into the semi-final very first, talk to me regarding Nuke against EnVyUs, which was a close event and it took a while to get into it and eventually close it out.

We didn't start well, however we knew that people would win the game, I don't know, everybody had a lot of self-confidence after the first map. We lost like five forces within the T side, and we were a bit frustrated on the T 1 / 2. After we lost the pistol, then we forced twice and we lost it, but everyone knew we could come back simply because it's a CT-sided map.

Going into the final, Cobblestone was such a one-sided map, but Inferno was rough for you on the CT part, similarly to the Gambit match in the team stage. What do you consider went wrong at the beginning?

First of all, we didn't expect them to pick Cobble. We anticipated them to pick Nuke because it's one of their strongest roadmaps, but I think these people decided to pick Cobble and maybe they noticed we were playing poor on this map. All of us didn't really have time for you to prepare six or even seven maps, however we managed to win this game.

The actual Inferno match was similar to EnVyUs on Nuke, because all of us lost a lot of causes as well. They were much more Buy csgo skins with paypal lucky in this regard than us, for example when I was on long I was not watching my keep track of and chrisJ wandered into the smoke and killed me. A few of these situations. But all of us told ourselves that people need to take like 5 to six units and after that we may come back, because all of us knew that our T side on Inferno is good, everybody saw that against Gambit and other games that we lost, like for example G2 at ELEAGUE, we were winning 10-1, so...

Obviously you had such a massive overall performance throughout the entire tournament, is this something we can look forward to in the future?

Yeah, I hope so. I'm not going to modify the resolution or even crosshair and I'll sleep better, simply because I know if I rest better I play better.

You have about a month and a half before the Major qualifier, what will be Na`Vi's arrange for those several weeks?

All of us discussed having a crack for a week or a week and a half. After that we are going to prepare before the New Year, all of us expect a lot of teams to prepare for the Main and the Major qualifier before the New Year. After the New Year, we will have like three to four days and we will practice before the Main qualifier. It's going to be an important tournament for our organization and team, and we hope we will be eligible for the Major and show an excellent result at the Main as well, because every team is going to get ready for these two tournaments.

What will be the focus used? Have you noticed anything that you specifically need to csgo4skin work on in your very first weeks with electric?

We just need to work on our map swimming pool, I guess. Of course , person skill and everything, but our map pool and strats on some roadmaps, we need to upgrade it.