Russian Forces received the WESG EUROPEAN & CIS Regional Finals Female, defeating Dynasty fe in the grand final 2-0 (16-10, Cache, 22-19 Inferno).

Alongside the primary competition, the female CS: GO tournament happened at the WESG venue in Barcelona soon. The event was played over the course of the 4 days, and featured BO3 GSL organizations and single-elimination BO3 playoffs.

The two primary favorites were the actual Swedish and Russian representatives, with both groups featuring two people of the original Dynasty fe lineup. The group stage finished with both of those sides topping their respective groups, with Romania feand LEGO becoming a member of them in the playoffs.

Despite some resistance from the teams spearheaded by Julie "Ju" Ricou and Ana "ANa" Dumbravă, the two favorite teams made the Cheap CSGO Skins grand finals, earning spots in the $170, 000 Globe Finals in China.

The final series noticed Russian Forces near out the first chart, Cache, thanks to a solid, eight-round T side. On their own map choose, Ksenia "vilga" Kluenkova and co. got to a 15-11 lead, but struggled to close out the game against Dynasty fe. The champion was decided after two overtimes, with Ould - "Ant1ka" Ananikova actively playing a key role in her team's 2-0 victory, boasting a +23 K-D along with a 1 . 47 ranking in the grand last.

The third place match up between Romania fe and LEGO, that decided the third and final World Finals spot, went down towards the wire. After a persuading win on Teach, the French team was smashed 16-3 on Cache, and also the series came down to Inferno.

LEGO experienced a great, 11-4 Terrorist half, but struggled to close the overall game out on the defensive side. Romania fe's nine consecutive To side rounds gained them a lead in the second 1 / 2, but Meyssa "Missa" Bellouati and corp. were able to pick up the final rounds to secure a 16-14 succeed and a place in the World Finals in China.