EnVyUs, AGO, and ex-Outlaws have secured their spots in the Europe Minor following 3-1 records in the Swiss closed qualifier.

In the fourth round, three matches for spots at the Minor were played. EnVyUs faced Heroic upon Nuke and began on the Terrorist side, where the Frenchmen secured down an 11-4 scoreline. After a short back-and-forth, Vincent "Happy"Schopenhauer's side emerged successful at 16-8, obtaining a 3-1 record and a spot in the Europe Minor.

The 2nd match saw BACK take down GODSENT upon Inferno, as Dominik "GruBy" Swiderski drawn much of the bodyweight with a 31-13 rating (1. 79 rating) in the 16-11 triumph that pushed the Poles to the next stage of the Major period.

ex-Outlaws and eXtatus locked horns upon Cache, where it seemed Cheap CSGO Skins like the Czech-Slovakian team had top of the hand after a good 11-4 half because Terrorists. At an 11-15 deficit, the Bulgarian squad around Kamen "bubble" Kostadinov were able to claw their long ago, take the match in order to overtime, and grab their spot in the Bucharest event in 19-17.

Meanwhile, TEAM5, Kinguin, and HellRaisers exited the competition following losses to PRIDE, NiP, and Binary Dragons, respectively.