The name Topaz Stone is stemmed from the Greek word 'Topazos'. Recognized for 2000 years, Topaz creates one of the foundations for the 12 gates of the spiritual city of New Jerusalem. Topaz Stone is a fluorine aluminum silicate and is accessible in yellow-brown, light blue, red, Dark Blue Topaz and other colors of the gemstone. Often it has no color whatsoever but the most frequently found is yellowish-orange.

It is believed it protects the user against opponents, despair, anger, anxiety and sudden death. Topaz is attributed to have cooling, styptic and appealing result however none the less it is an icon of beauty as well as magnificence.

Topaz is quite an exotic stone of the jewelry profession. It is a tough gemstone, yet this solidity also boosts its tendency to break. Topaz is consequently typically utilized for those kinds of jewelry that will not be knocked around or come in contact with tough surfaces or water.

As a gemstone, Topaz is preferred for making necklaces and earrings as this sort of jewelry will certainly go through much less damage and, thus will be much less prone to breakage.

Historic Importance

Topaz was positioned around the structures of the twelve entrances to the Holy City of the New Jerusalem since it was thought that the presence of topaz would certainly use extra defense to the city as well as its dwellers. It likewise functioned as a symbol of the cities great charm as well as splendor, and of its ruler's terrific wide range.

Topaz Birthstone

Understood primarily as the November birthstone, topaz is a gem, which can be located in a selection of design and styles. Topaz birthstone rings give numerous options for the buyer, as the stone itself has numerous variations with regard to shade. The gold yellow-orange kind of this gem is described as a royal topaz, and it is one of the most useful forms of topaz on today's jewelry market.

Topaz Stone Jewelry

Accessories can make or damage a woman's closet, and a set of blue topaz stone earrings is just one of those pieces that should function as part of the foundation. The fantastic Blue Gemstones appears to record the tranquility of a lovely clear sky, the beauty of tropical waters so clear you can see the bottom. Blue Topaz Gemstone can be bought in jewelry, rings, and lockets among other pieces of precious jewelry, and conveniently found as bigger stones they make a memorable statement in their luster.


Chemically topaz is a silicate, meaning that it has the presence of silicone as well as oxygen. What makes topaz different from various other silicates is the visibility of fluoride and also lightweight aluminum too. A pure topaz stone will certainly be clear, but there are several shades of topaz readily available, primarily because of other minerals, which pollute the pure stone. Blue Topaz Gemstone went from being the rarest kind of topaz to one of the most common as soon as engineers created a procedure of transforming pure topaz by subjecting it to high temperatures after a duration of irradiation.

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