This rugged island most likely are not big enough for cars and there exists the small matter in the Irish Sea to face, but there is good racing there.

The Isle of Man TT is consistently thrilling (if extremely dangerous), and also a videogame rendition with fast off-road vehicles can be quite a treat.

Alternatively, put some of the people sidecars above in Cheap FH4 Credits Forza Horizon 4 where you can co-op player dangle over back. You could have the full Irish sea freeze in the winter months so you can skid on over.

It's made-up Forza world anyway, we could suspend our disbelief to achieve new zones.

Forza Horizon 4's upcoming expansions will Buy FH4 Credits add 'new world locations', so fingers crossed they've look at this article at that time.

Meanwhile we could enjoy seeking the silliest cars inside game, and unlocking those cars hiding in barns.