Having services such as Spotify is fantastic, but you are not required to pay for songs that you have already purchased. If you wish to transfer songs to the Android device, here’s the proper method in this blog.

File transfer by USB cable
  1. Firstly, you need to connect your computer.
  2. Then, you need to wait for it to get displayed on the screen.
  3. Next, you need to browse the items of the Android device.
  4. Lastly, copy the song files straight to it.
Transfer by Flash Drive
  1. The internal file manager offers you the option for viewing the items. If it doesn’t, look for your device’s file manager application.
  2. Next, search for the USB drive.
  3. Then, go to Samsung My Files application. For example, you might choose the item placed in the attached USB storage and press ‘Move’ or ‘Copy’ towards the end.
  4. Choose the song files and select to either the internal storage or else memory card.
  5. Next, paste/move the items over there.
  6. Lastly, note that song items shall be then saved on the device, ready for you to avail in a song application according to your likes.
Uploading by Google drive
  1. By 15 GB available storage, Google Drive gives the most straightforward way for its users to have their song collection synced in every device such as Android and computer.
  2. The Google Drive application for Android doesn’t let you download complete folders straight to the Android device. That is only if you don’t wish to download every file individually. The fastest way is by using CloudBeats.
  3. By using a third-party song application for your device you can download the items to the device straight from cloud storage providers. So prefer going for it, instead of CloudPlayer.
  4. Begin by uploading the song to Google Drive on the web. Press ‘New’, it shall be towards the above at the left-hand side corner.
  5. Next, select ‘File Upload’ for uploading files one after another or else use ‘Folder Upload’ for uploading the songs in one attempt.
  6. If you want, you can go for Google Backup and Sync to sync items from the computer. You need to download the installer, view it after the installation gets over, and then press on ‘Get Started’. You shall be asked for logging in to the Google account.
  7. After login, choose the song items you wish to sync by pressing ‘Choose Folder’. After that, press on ‘Next’.
  8. Then, confirm that you wish to sync Google Drive to the computer. Then, press on Start.
  9. After the files enter to your chosen location, install CloudBeats on the Android device, view it, and swipe leftward to ‘Files’.
  10. Next, ‘Add Cloud’ and select Google Drive. You shall be asked what do you wish to let CloudBeats accesse – select ‘Allow’.
  11. You shall then view the Google Drive items in CloudBeats. Place the item having your songs, press on the menu option and press ‘Download’.
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