Stephen King is a reasonably well-recognized name when it comes to book writing. Now his book, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is getting adapted into a film. It was George Romero who suggested Stephen’s psychological-thriller book to be adapted into a film. After Romero’s unfortunate death in 2017, the project came to a halt. Romero was deeply admired for projects such as Living Dead series, Dark Half, and Creepshow.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon was released way back in1999. The book follows a 9-year-old girl named Trisha, whose world takes a permanent shift when she goes on a family trip. After facing a messy divorce, Trisha’s mom takes her and Trisha’s brother for hiking into the wild. Trisha goes off the trail in order to get some distance from her brother and mother’s babbling. Going off with merely a walkman and minimal necessities, Trisha tries to find a way back.

All this while she listens to several baseball games which featured her favorite player known as Tom Gordon. She eventually gets lost in the dangerous wild, and after several days pass, she starts hallucinating. Walking through the fine thread of fantasy and reality, she starts feeling as if a supernatural monster is following her. She finds it necessary to fight for her life against the beast. And now the book gets an adaptation on the big screen.

The talented and creative director of the film IT, Roy Lee, is taking the adaptation into his hands. He is going to work with equally skilled Jon Berg from Vertigo films, Ryan Silbert known for an Origin Story, and George’s widow Chris Romero. The movie with star-studded creators backing it comes in a pinch for Vertigo films. While Stephen’s IT Chapter 2 is still being talked about along with Doctor Sleep ready to get released in the theatres, the timing could not be more perfect.

Chris will be producing the film under the banner of her late SO’s company name, Sanibel films. Even Stephen went on to express excitement as his work is coming to fruition.

The movie is in dire need of an apt writer as well as a director for the much-awaited adaptation. It will be interesting to see who gets cast for the film. The executive producer’s seat is occupied by Andrew Childs who has worked with Lee before in Blair Witch Project and Death Note.

Stephen stated that the idea for the book entered his mind during a Red Sox game. King was also writing Hearts in Atlantis and Bag of Bones at that moment. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon takes a basic idea of getting lost in the wild and molds it into a tale of a person fending off against nature.

Only time will tell how the adaptation works out, but the expectations from the film are already high.

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