Facebook is one of those social media apps, which is used by most of the people around the world. It doesn’t really matter if they use it for an hour or all day; it is used by billions of users daily. In fact, it has 2.41 billion daily active users as of June 30, 2019. We are all guilty of browsing Facebook for longer than we should, be it for memes, news, or just randomly scrolling through the news feed.

When an app as famous as Facebook is browsed, you cannot help but notice that the application is using up your data more than it should. The app itself is not very large, and the media presented is not nearly as data demanding as some other apps like YouTube. So what causes this data consumption?

Here in this article, we will show you ways to save up your mobile data consumption from Facebook.

Change the Settings of Facebook

Facebook offers easy and necessary settings for you to control every sort of media on the app. You can control the image quality you are browsing or uploading. The same with the videos, it is up to you to decide the quality of the media you are browsing. You can also determine if you want the gifs and videos on your newsfeed to play or not. Just follow the following steps to be able to do so:
  • Start the Facebook app on your device.
  • Press the option on the bottom left corner of your app. (Hamburger in case of an iPhone.)
  • Press Settings option under the Settings and Privacy Tab.
  • Scroll down to Media and Contact option.
  • Tap on Photos and Videos option.
  • Toggle Videos section in the News Feed, starting with Sound.
  • Tap HD Upload button under Video settings and change it there.
  • Tap on HD Upload settings under the Photo tab and change the settings there.
Press the Auto-play option below the video tab, or you can tap on Wifi the only option. You can even select the Never Auto Play option depending on what you want.

Data Saving Option

There is an option available for data saving on Facebook. The option decreases the image resolution and size for you to browse easily. It also shutdowns the auto-play option. To avail this option, you should:
  • Press the option on the bottom left corner of your app. Hamburger in case of an iPhone.
  • Now press the Settings and Privacy settings.
  • Now select the Data Saver option. Tap on yes or slide it, and you are good to go.
Good luck surfing and enjoy the saved up data.

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