Find My Friends is a feature in Apple devices which is used to locate your family and friends. You can use this feature to track their locations, for example, if your partner has left for work, then you can know where they are. You can also keep an eye on your kids and loved ones. This feature is beneficial when your kids are going out and you want to track their live location. In such cases, if they go the wrong way, then you can send help to them.

The tool is without any doubt deserves a thumbs up, but do you know that on iOS 13 and iPad OS the feature is missing. Apple said that the Find My Friends feature is uniting into one.

Now it is known as Find My, and we are going to learn how to use it on your iOS 13 and iPad OS. So what’s the wait? Let’s get started.

What happened with the Find My Friends feature in iPad OS and iOS 13?

In iOS 13 and iPad OS, The app is actually tied up with another app. This will provide us a new app which is a mixture of two apps. The new Find My app can be used for the same purpose but with refined features and layout. You can find your family members and friends with this app.

This service is surprisingly easy to use and can become one of the essential apps on your device. Let’s see how to use it like a pro.

How to Access Find My feature in iOS 13 and iPad OS?

Find My new app can be accessed by following the instructions mentioned below:
  1. The app is located in the same place where the Find My iPhone was placed.
  2. However, there is a way to access this service even more quickly. We are going to use the Spotlight to access the Find My app on your device. So first of all, head to the Home Screen of your tablet or phone.
  3. Swipe your finger downwards from the center on your device screen.
  4. This will trigger a search box over the screen, and you have to type “Find My” into this search bar.
  5. Now hit the Search or Enter key. By doing so, it will find the app for you.
  6. If the app isn’t installed on your device, then it will bring the download link for you to install it. You can download it right from there.
  7. If the app is available in a folder of your device, then it will bring the folder for you. You can access the app right there.
That is how you can easily access the Find My app on iPad OS and iOS 13.

How to Make a Find My App Shortcut on the Home Screen on iOS 13?
  1. Head to the Shortcuts app on your Apple device no matter what device you are using be it iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
  2. Hit the + button located on the upper-right corner to make a new shortcut.
  3. Now a search bar will appear on your screen, in that search bar type “Find My” and press Enter.
  4. Now choose the Find My app from the list and then select the most appropriate option according to you. Or you can also select the “Open App” option.
  5. Now select the open Find My option. After that press the “More” option located on the upper-right corner.
  6. Activate the “Show in widget” option.
  7. Hit the Next button and then give it a name of your choice.
  8. Press the Done option.
Now the Find MY shortcut widget will be available on the home screen. From there, you can easily access the app whenever required.

How to Find Your Friends with the Find My App on iOS 13?

Share your location to your Loved Ones

If you want others to see where you are, then follow the guidelines mentioned below:
  1. Head to the Find Me app.
  2. You will be asked to share the location access with the app then allow it for your location. You will be given three options you have to choose the Allow while using the app option.
  3. Now in the app, go to “Me” on the lower-right of the display of your device.
  4. Activate the Share My Location toggle button.
Now others who are linked to this app can see your location.

How to Add Your Friends and Family Members on Find My App?
  1. First of all, share your location with them. To do so, go to the People in the app.
  2. Press the Start sharing location option.
  3. Choose the people with whom you want to share your location.
  4. Decide a time period according to your choice.
  5. Once the invitation is sent, you can tap on the contact to see more options.
  6. Now ask them to share their location with you by pressing the “Ask to Follow Location” option.
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